Farah always made us happy. After her best friend, Hauwa, left to live with a big man in the city, she was heartbroken, but soon returned to being the joy of the community. If she was happy, every other child in the community would automatically be. A few times she turned up sad but would be back to her normal cheerful self in no time. If you ever found Farah anywhere, there was bound to be happiness lurking around.

Farah insta 1

Our community was the smallest in the village and Farah’s family compound was the smallest in the community, but we (the children) always gathered there. Her smile always made our own smiles more radiant which in turn made our community a happier place. They say, ‘if the children are happy, the community will be happy.’ I’ve heard my mother say this many times and it’s true, isn’t it?

Farah insta 2

One night, we heard screams from Farah’s compound. My father told my mother to make sure I and my little brother were safe and then turned to go out. She held him by the arm and told him to be careful. He nodded, and then glanced at me before stepping out. I wondered why.

I waited for a long time for my father to return and when he eventually did, I asked him what happened. He said it was nothing and that everything had returned to normal.

The next day, Farah was nowhere to be found. All the younger children asked me where she went to and I had no answer. I was later told that according to our custom, she was married off to a man twice her father’s age. I almost fainted when I heard it. She was barely thirteen years old at the time and I was even younger.

Now I’ve come to realize why my father glanced at me before he left the room that night. He knew what was happening. I am now scared and unhappy. They took our happiness away. First, Hauwa, then Farah. I know I am next.

We are just children!

Patrick Ugele.

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RAINBOW (The Tale)

It rains

Clouds weep

And mortals take a beating

As sadness reigns


Dark night

It is often said that after the storm…

And I feel no phrases tonight

If only this just passes… I seek the morning light


When you are not here

Everything is bereft of colour

No one holds the torch

When you are not “dear”


I wait for you… I endure

Count seconds-to-hours tick…I will find you again

Staring at the heavens through my window pane

Welcoming the morning, sure



The morning… draws your footsteps to my door

Joy takes the pain, makes me fly again

Relief has come… colours in the sky

See the light come to the fore


It’s a bright sunny day

As the rain bows

Cupid’s arrow caresses the bow

Love is no longer at bay


I see your face in the crowd

Muse and elements lift my spirit

Shoots across the sweet, sweet heavens

This is our promise… say it loud


Bae… boo… both childsplay as we go high

Up by seven notches… all the way up

No longer where we started

A perfect streak in the sky


Amazing does no justice to these colours

Multifaceted charm

Arched gloriously like a gateway

Resplendent beyond the tune of diamond fields

Intelligent in design

Stunning in beauty and depth


I love…I love

Our love

A promise

Our morning

Our rainbow

The colours of perfection

Beautifully laced into one,

White… pure


I shouldn’t fear when it storms at night

I shouldn’t fear when I do not hold you

For you will be here and dear

For me to hold before and upon the morning’s light


The bow and arrow bows the heart

Rain and reign in my heart

Rainbow in my clouds

Several shades of you emanate from the source

Perfect in blend

Heavenly crayons, smiles timeless

True promises

True colours

I see you…

I see love.




FREEstyle (Music link and lyrics)

Hey! It’s my birthday today (9th Nov) and I humbly want to share this new freestyle aptly titled ‘FREEstyle’ with you.

‘FREEstyle’ is a fluid hip hop freestyle/joint celebrating our Christian’s freedom, power and total reliance in and on God.

This one features ‘Impulse’ (Jerry Moses/@moses_im) and It’s part of a free Mixtape compilation.

#TheUncovering #StarzAlign #Music #HipHop #Truth

Please download via link below, listen, drop comment and share.

Lyrics also below.

Thank you and God bless.










No weed but He’s higher

No Lucious, He rules this Empire

When it comes to balling, He’s the Umpire

And I’m the conqueror who’s on a roll like a tyre

Before the conquering stage

I was deep in it…

Neck deep, neck deep

My chances were so slim

Slimmer than a model on a runway

Was lower than a subway

Like a lost puppy I knew I had gone stray

Some how, some way

Had to find my own way

Walking on Broadway

Got hit by the sun rays

My pride got me scarred…

No Simba

He came into my heart and I’m connected like a sim card

Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty

Heaven is your home and the earth bows before thee

No ‘S’ on your chest… Keep me in my lane like Lois

Gave me another chance, even when like Osama I blew it

He transformed me

I’m in my prime like Optimus

Was buried in sin, He found me

No treasure map

I’m never stuck in TRAFFIC

I’ll never GO – SLOW

They try to NESTLE close to me

I’m at the PEAK and they can’t bring ME LOW (Milo)



One, two, ArC’s off

Game’s on the gridlock

Didn’t even know what free was until the beat dropped

And I know His blood will wash me just gotta hook up

Tell the ref to blow the whistle this is the kick off

Can’t you see the reins are coming-

It’s like a rip-OFF

Pulling ammunitions

The word, God’s Kalashnikov

I can see the chains are falling welcome Deliverer

Bask in His glory I’m staying

M’ofe lo yipada


Oya jor telemi

Jeka jo gbe Jesu ga

Never, ever, ever leave the door ajar

So, I just come repenting my homie gotta be humble

And I know that He will exalt me my feet won’t stumble


Steadfast love so unconditional

Bar my sins

That’s so, so minimal

By His grace I live to glory right in His power

That’s so relevant

No one can compare to my God

By His grace I’m living, sho gbo?

Praise His name we moving alright

I’m redeemed you know we the light



Left is wrong and your past failures sure be gone bro

Seek the way, the truth, the life, that’s how we thrive yo.

Mode gbowo meji soke, how I praise yo.

Jesu Kristi is the light, no more in dark o


Okay, battles here and there before

Okay, scars on Simba, lions roar

Past, let it all be past and gone

Jesus is the new and let His mercy now become- ArC

Now I sing redemption songs

Tears of the past are tabled now it is joy’s turn

Many are the afflictions but I know gotta be righteous though

Baba it’s your gifting I’m seeking make me new wine… so


Sweet and sour, no chickens. True lions up in this

Luscious son is viscious, we fight just to keep the peace

Now the kingdom of our savior trumps all human flings

Dedicated to Jesus that’s right our Christ is King!


Oya jor telemi

Jeka jo gbe Jesu ga

Never, ever, ever leave the door ajar (3ce)


That’s how it all happens.

Keep ‘em doors open

Let Jesus in

Now keep the doors closed

Keep the devil out.

Let the word flow.





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Go Hard (Music and lyrics)

After dropping ‘Bliss’ earlier in the year, ArC teams up with other talented acts in Angeloh, Gemini and Imohtal to ‘Uncover’ Go Hard.

In a world where many easily bow to the pressures of the world system, they come with a message encouraging Kingdom soldiers to stand for what they believe in and keep fighting.

‘Go Hard’ is part off an upcoming mix tape by ArC.

Download, bump to it and share. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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GO HARD (ArC ft. Gemini, Imohtal and Angeloh)


We live in a world of hurt and pain
So we no get any option but to – Go hard
Feel there’s wickedness in the air to turn it around we have to – Go hard
Holding on to Jesus cos he will never let
the enemy into my – backyard
Getting addicted to his word

Popping it every day and watching it get to – my heart
I watch (hard), pray (hard),

I love – so hard
That’s how to live when you’re forgiven
(We gats to go hard)
I am giving my all until the end
I’mma go, go, go, go, Go hard

[Verse 1: GEMINI]

Spit lyrical fire so HOT

Don’t need a match to light up Olympic torches

With my punch lines

So go hard on you 50Kg like Mike Tyson’s punches

I’m a heavy weight

Imma go hard on you till you dilapidate

You will so dazed, you can’t even concentrate

Finish with a T.K.O,

That’s delicate (2x)

I AM- The reason this heart still beats

I AM- The reason I’m lyrically designed for the streets

I AM- The reason I will never surrender even in defeat

Only in victory made possible by the Greater I AM

You can tell that I am so blessed,

Like S.A.S (Success after Success)

I’ll advise that you don’t test

You will be so gone, only when I come into my rest

Come into my rest

100% ready for any conquest

Guaranteed He got my back

Confident I beat my chest

Always want more coz I never want less

I will out shine you, yours truly I’m the best,

If anything goes wrong, my GOD will make right,

So if you think you are strong enough and ready for a fight,

You better be prepared,

Coz I will reappear like a thief in the night…..


[Verse 2: ARC]

Wonfemo bi mo shele lori beat yi

Yago lana, ma lo ha so ri titi

I’m about to go so HAM on this beat

Shem, Japhet, Noah, whoever

Everybody says a Christian gon’ faint

That it’s so, so hard to rep cos I’m a saint

Esu ma le. The ArC is on the speaker

Word in my heart, no need no by-pass

Anyhow he puts it, I’m about to wreck it

Even if he tries to go fast, imma break it

Even if his aim is to bring me down, I’ll keep on smiling

Homie, kill the frown

Charlie, this is what you call a big house on the rock

Flow so hard, gotta call it pure crunk

Junk, the one that you put in a trunk

And that’s what you get off the father of lies

And TIES, INCORPORATE this flow, let ‘em SUIT

Baba got me telling way all of His truth

When I feel down, fellowship gotta camp

Flow rivers, don’t mean no Stink camp

Ogini, is there anything too hard for him to do?

Cattle on a thousand hills, baba loni

Up, up Jesus, down, down devo (devil)

Guy, play hard

No Play Station pad.


[Verse 3: IMOHTAL]

Go hard like Sosa
Like bitumen coal tar
I’ll beat you in quota
Separate you like grain
Give you brain with a train
With the music I’m sober
Like Peter in Joppa
I’m a sign and wonder
Give you lever like crowbar
And I don’t use like you
I’m cool I’m cush I’m spatial so far

So far like Usaini
Bolt Usaini golden scenics
Notice on me, no to cynics
Oluwa send me


Condescend me
Then ascend me God assembly
Now defend me what I can be
Let’s crescend it or just end it

Hard as a rock – Revelation of Christ the king – yeah!
My mind’s on a lot. Generation my type, no sin
Uh! Abram versus Lot, separation that type good thing
But as a light of the world a billion watts I bring
Till we lifting up the vine, killing all the fox
Redeeming the time, TBN Imoh
Pinnacles to climb, this industry is one of them
I will not decline, but I will be one of them
According to design
To take this thing far pass pass Jupiter, Mars sometime
Tribulation, trial, reaching for my core

but Imohtal no go die cos Oluwa is involved
I can’t fail Oluwa is involved mehn!
I can’t tail I’m going to the top sir!
I can’t fail, I can’t tail
I know someone. The mantle
Strike him on the matter. The matter divide to two
And you pass on the path home with attitude
To the other side like the Israelites
Dry ground water walls all night.

To the One that loves me (2)

For who I am.

Who am I?

But a beady eyed wretch

Son of the lure of lost centuries;

Of mortals who seek not the truth

And in turn find selves

Holed up in the mire of eeriness


I am nothing.

I must first admit

Before approaching this summit

King, Lord

Unworthy me comes.

Do deem me worthy.

I pray thee


Scribbled here are words

Spawned off my thoughts

For the one

Not two

The one

And two

All three;

Together, One


The One

Who decided to be derided

Thereby flipping the ancient scrolls

The one who knows me

Beyond my eyes can see;

Mind fathom;

Ideas and scopes;

Measures and pleasures.

He that named me more;

More than treasures

Made me

A gem not corroded by germs.


Here is my praise

Conjured in ink,

Whipped in letterings.

Here is due honour

Ah! Let it not be absurd

This offering my heart brings

Words of sacrificial actions

Ploughed by Your son’s blood

Fertilized by His name


O, Ancient Lover

Almighty creator

This one is for You

My Father

My God

The giver of free will

and the will to be free.

This one is to You

who first loved me.


October 8th, 2012



She’s figure free

Eight is just a number

She’s just a girl

Molded into delectable curves… or not

The ideals are set for her

Still she flies right and free

Breaking barriers and boredoms

Even when the world would like to dictate

Yes, the world can

She knows best

She’s stronger than that

Way stronger


She is unchained

Free to her pleasures

Free from tags

Free from rags

Free to keep her figure and figures

She is unchained




From every child that suckles

To every grown man

Her praise they sing

Pour libation, gifts do bring

For her we must as much as we can

O, for every child that suckles


Her eyes hold the world

Hands keep it together

From her beautiful hairline

To the firm of her breast

Down to her captivating feet

You can’t put a number on her

She was made stronger

She was made a woman

She was made to treasure

She’s a woman.

Eight is just a number

She’s figure free


Patrick Ugele



Photo credit – Pinterest

BLISS (Download link and lyrics)

Download link






Pillars of joy

Can be far out

Through the thought of you

I’ll be troubled and bustled and scorned for your love

Here we go!


Talking –

He’s never left you know

Love so amazing,

Life changing, upgrading

accomodating all generations

old, young, past, present

future generations

revelations, elevations, elation, ma nation



Jesus(x2) Yeah!

The Magnificient

besides Elijah n Moses


Swagnificent, He is

I’m privileged to be

involved with him free me

free me now

I’m innocent.

I’m Innocent just like Idibia

ma 2face got corrected His spirit-in kill malaria

God family, gift n talent church n society

the rest is unimportant like trivia.

Accordingly follow the gift and the talent

with God I meet with the challenge

and if you think you an orphan

believe me Jesus is parent

cos all other grounds are sinking sand and they know it

Scammers they’ll leave you in need of pyjamas, don’t blow it

(singing) When I think of You I’m dancing

I keep advancing

thru tribulation to safe landing

joy unspeakable huhn!

the peace is indescribable

when things just fall into tandem

behind Him



You’re like the light of the morning at sunrise

on a cloudless morning like brightness

after the rain is done pouring down

You bless ma heart and You do it well

will I ever leave that will never be

You are a superstar to me

and Your love is guaranty

You never leave me lonely

[I got joy in ma heart

joy in ma heart

joy in ma heart yeah!

I got joy in ma heart oh oh oh….]x2


Listen, I look back in my life

Thinking how it all started

Dad struggled with a sickness

Till he finally departed


It’s like my whole world came crashing down

Why Lord?


Why He had to leave me this time around.

Had to go to school

Mama had no JOB

Like the only option left for me

To do was ROB

I took every pain

And every distress

I placed everything

Placed it right on the shelf

Yeah! 1st Samuel 30 verse 6

Embracing JESUS like David


Lord, you are my strength

The reason for my song

Cause I have you in my life

I know I can do no wrong

Embedded in your Grace

Saw me through every fight

Out of Darkness, you drew me

Into your marvellous light

Looking at me now

Dwelling in God’s GLORY

Appreciate everything that

My JESUS done for me

Years down the line

Never remained the same

No Matter how hard the devil tries

I AM on top of my Game

JESUS the Name

Above every other name

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

HE still remains the same

You’ve given me JOY

And Real peace of mind

So far ahead of you all

Coz I AM never behind

You’ve given me JOY

And Real peace of mind

So far ahead of you all

Coz I AM never behind





The flow’s automatic

It’s the inner joy

Let it flow

I got that Inner light

And I promise that Imma let it glow

Joy to my Pros list

Bliss to my foes list


No “Joes” on my yos list

Fly with me, my people just glide with me

It’s that G5-5G flow

Inter-fly with me

Since the Lord told me

Yes son, you’re a miracle

We just roll in one accord (A-Chord)

Like my umbilical

I roll with Aribiti rabata

Bami ra Baba

Hands in the air

Thankfully, even I got a pair

Call me a dreamer

Rolling in that beamer

Work less hard

Image three like Redeemer

Cheers to my Hero

Who brings joy to us zeros

Put us all together and add Him


I’ve been dreaming this since developing as a foetus

Throwing hard bars

Michael Jordan on ‘em free throws

It’s the rising of the army

Deck-tight Tsunami

Since the bliss rush-flush

The darkness deep inside me

Bless, people bliss

We making a difference, this

Is the music for all times

We brought the message,